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  • Different Classifications of typefaces

    It may not be apparent at first glance, but early typefaces were actually influenced by handwritten type. Over time as different forms of printing became available different types of typefaces began to be created in abundance. In this article, we will cover the different types of typefaces. Being able to identify the characteristics of typefaces can help to pick the best font for any project.

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  • Media Design Applications & How they’re Used | Adobe CC

    Over the years in the design industry, the options for editing software have slowly diminished. Typically this software had to be purchased up-front by buying a costly perpetual license. These came with a high price tag but offered little support & no updates until the new addition was purchased several years later. However, in 2011 Adobe Systems introduced Adobe Creative Cloud. The idea was a set of applications which could be purchased for a monthly fee. This gives media designers access to a collection of software at a much more affordable price.

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  • Vector Images | Why their Quality is Unmatched

    When creating original images in media design, vector images are a term designers quickly get familiar with. Unlike their counterpart raster images, vector images are completely editable. Since these images are complex, all vector image file formats are not readable by consumer-grade digital applications. However, these files are compatible with most professional design software applications. In this article, we will cover what makes vector images so useful and how to fully take advantage of their features.

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  • Raster Images | The Most Common Type of Digital Image

    For someone who is new to media design, they’ve probably heard the term raster graphic/image and not been entirely sure what that means. Raster is the most common form of digital image file formats on the internet and there are a couple reasons why. The only other digital image type is vector graphic/image which we will discuss more in-depth in another resource article. Knowing the different advantages and how to properly use raster images can immensely increase your digital image quality while decreasing web load times.

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  • PDF | The Best Print File Format

    A tough part of working in the media design industry is understanding all the different ways there are of printing. Fortunately, there is one industry standard printing file format that is used across most 2D printing processes. Adobe Systems has done a great job of creating a universal file format that can be read across any computer. Anyone can view these files for free who has downloaded the software Acrobat Reader. There are several other distinct advantages to working with PDFs that will be discussed further in this article.

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