Media Design Applications & How they’re Used | Adobe CC

Media Design Applications & How they’re Used | Adobe CC

Over the years in the design industry, the options for editing software have slowly diminished. Typically this software had to be purchased up-front by buying a costly perpetual license. These came with a high price tag but offered little support & no updates until the new addition was purchased several years later. However, in 2011 Adobe Systems introduced Adobe Creative Cloud. The idea was a set of applications which could be purchased for a monthly fee. This gives media designers access to a collection of software at a much more affordable price. Adobe CC is a subscription-based application. Users are connected to the cloud and can download updates to software more frequently. OK,  we are done convincing you why Adobe Creative Cloud is the professional standard application in media design.

There are over twenty Adobe CC software/applications available on the full subscription. In this article, we will only be covering the ones commonly used in media design.  Recognizing the correct software to use for a specific project can save time and give you the best quality final product. We will also explain their corresponding file extensions.


Raster Graphic Editor

File Extention: .psd


Vector Graphic Editor

File Extention: .ai


Publishing & Typesetting

File Extention: .indd

After Effects

Digital Visual Effects

File Extention: .aep

Premiere Pro

Video Editing Application

File Extention: .prproj


Web Development Tool

File Extention: No Native File Format

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